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          樂魚官網app - 首頁

          bathroom we love樂魚官網app - 首頁

          View all bathroom Ideas
          VIEW ALL bathroom TILES

          See our range of tile designs for bathrooms with the highest technical specifications.

          are you an architect?

          Meet the most demanding of requirements. Get tile solutions with superior technical characteristics.

          Buy Designer Bathroom Tiles at NITCO 樂魚官網app - 首頁

          Bathrooms are one of the most used common spaces of the house. When you are looking at remodeling your house, bathrooms are often neglected. However, the bathroom is like your personal space away from the noise. And most would agree that the majority of your brilliant ideas originate during those hot water showers. So, if you are looking at revamping this self-care space into your personal oasis, we've got something for you - bathroom tiles that are luxurious, trendy and affordable. If you are looking for bathroom tiles' design, then look no further. NITCO bathroom tiles lend your bathroom a rich and royal look without looking too gaudy or over-the-top. Explore our range of bathroom tiles for your next revamp.

          How To Select The Right Bathroom Tiles 樂魚官網app - 首頁

          Selecting the right washroom tiles can be a fun task. Enjoy the journey of revamping your personal space and be involved in the process so that a little bit of you reflects in the designing. Here are a few tips that you should consider while selecting the tiles for bathroom.

          • Choose the Wow-Factor :樂魚官網app - 首頁

            What s the first thing you want to see when you enter the bathroom? Is it the backsplash tiles or the floor tiles? Or is it a gorgeous shower enclosure? Depending on this feature, you can select designer bathroom tiles that complement it.
          • Understand the Practicality of the Finishes :樂魚官網app - 首頁

            When it comes to bathrooms, there are several practical aspects to consider. Bathroom tiles are the most exposed to moisture and bacteria, so pick those that are easy to clean. Moreover, it is ideal to go for anti-skid tiles for bathroom that prevent any mishap.
          • Add Texture :樂魚官網app - 首頁

            Depending on the theme of your space, you can pick your bathroom tiles. Textured bathroom tiles like with a stone or marble effect add glam to your space.
          • Pick Your Floor Tiles :樂魚官網app - 首頁

            If you have already made your decision on the feature tiles and bathroom wall tiles, you can now pick the right floor tiles. NITCO bathroom floor tiles reflect luxury and lavishness in every sense.

          Different Types of Bathroom Tiles 樂魚官網app - 首頁

          There is a myriad of options when it comes to the different types of NITCO tiles for bathroom.

          • Ceramic Tiles 樂魚官網app - 首頁

            Ceramic bathroom floor tiles are a great option owing to their water resistance, safety, bacteria resistance, low-maintenance and various options.

          • Mosaic Tiles樂魚官網app - 首頁

            Go for mosaic tiles if you want to lend a fun texture to highlight a wall in your bathroom or to give your bathroom flooring a trendy revamp.

          • Marble-effect porcelain Tiles 樂魚官網app - 首頁

            Nothing looks more royal than a marble flooring. NITCO's marble-effect porcelain tiles are light on the pocket and give you the luxurious look of marble.

          • Glazed Vitrified Tiles 樂魚官網app - 首頁

            Glazed vitrified tiles for bathroom elevate the entire look of your space and bring in features that will make you fall in love with them.

          Our Bathroom Design Ideas 樂魚官網app - 首頁

          NITCO bathroom tiles' design is viable for all bathroom sizes and can be customized to your order. We have a number of bathroom design ideas and tiles that complement these ideas. From minimalistic to rustic affairs, we've got you covered with the best tiles' designs.

          Benefits of Having Tiles in the Bathroom樂魚官網app - 首頁

          Easy to maintain, stain-resistant, water-resistant - these are some of the basic benefits of picking tiles for your bathroom. Enquire about your favorite NITCO bathroom tiles and witness how your entire bathroom design goes a notch higher.

          Shop from a Wide Range of Bathroom Tiles at NITCO樂魚官網app - 首頁

          NITCO's wide range of bathroom tiles makes us the ideal choice for all your tiles-related woes. Our modern bathroom tiles offer you the choice like no other. Shop from our exhaustive collection of tiles.

          Frequently Asked Questions on Bathroom Tiles 樂魚官網app - 首頁

          • Which tile is better for bathrooms?樂魚官網app - 首頁

            Picking tiles for the bathroom can be a fun task. However, keep in mind the footfall that you are expecting and the moisture and bacteria that sits on your bathroom tiles when picking the right ones. Ceramic bathroom wall tiles to mosaic bathroom tiles, there is no dearth of options, pick the one that best suits your requirement.

          • What are the different trending bathroom tiles available at NITCO?樂魚官網app - 首頁

            NITCO has a range of bathroom tiles online as well as in store. The most trending ones include a marble bathroom floor and bathroom ceramic tiles. People also prefer textured wall tiles bathrooms and 3D bathroom wall tiles.

          • What are the different colors of the bathroom tiles available? 樂魚官網app - 首頁

            NITCO has an exhaustive collection of bathroom tiles with a myriad of colours. From the mellow grey bathroom wall tiles to blue bathroom tiles, we've got you covered with the best. We give you the chance to design your bathroom in your dream colours.

          • What is the difference between bathroom floor tiles and wall tiles?樂魚官網app - 首頁

            Bathroom floor tiles often have features like anti-skid and scratch resistant whereas bathroom wall tiles add the oomph. Textured wall tiles or a backsplash on the wall adds glam to your bathroom space.

          • How to choose bathroom tile colors?樂魚官網app - 首頁

            Pick the theme of your home/commercial space and accordingly select the bathroom tile colours that best suit the theme. If you want to go for the classic, go for white tiles.

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