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moda esclusivo

Moda Esclusivo樂魚官網app - 首頁

Moda collection features four very vibrant colours on a soothing soft black background. Soft black background creates homogenous environment in terms of material and colour while at the same time unleashing creativity in the combination of different surfaces with the four bright colours vibration. The place where you can express yourself with a true display of taste and elegance. Whether minimalist or classic, thanks to its neutral and non-invasive colours, Moda collection became the most suitable solution to harmonise floors and walls with furniture and art object. Here you can unleash your creative flair and play around with shapes and colours, with the unparalleled versatility of Moda collection.

Piena Masa樂魚官網app - 首頁

An extra ordinary through body design with ever green graphite black and white which can combine with any other shade to do mix and match as well as creates its own standalone aura with minimalist but elegant nature. The same colour can be used inside and outside, in floors and walls and for the creation of kitchen tops and bathroom furniture while maintaining a strong colour consistency.
concrete abstracts azul

Concrete Abstracts Azul樂魚官網app - 首頁

Colour play primary role in choice of materials for an architectural project. Colours feature strong expressiveness and allows designers freedom to differentiate from regular cement greys while retaining raw appeal of concrete structure which symbolizes the strength. This range allows you to use bright colours and bold shades both in residential and in public projects, thank to the high technical characteristics provided by the unglazed porcelain stoneware. A Solution with a decisive character, suitable for contemporary living.

Nordic樂魚官網app - 首頁

Looks like stone. Functions like a tile.樂魚官網app - 首頁

Give your space a fresh breath of nature. The Nordic tiles are the stone clones for tiles made in Italy. It is a sumptuous convergence of technology and nature, created to subtly add value to every surface. For everything your surface demands, we have an idea.

Inspiration Story樂魚官網app - 首頁

Mother Nature always inspires us with her beauty in strength. And while we created the Nordic series for you, we kept the same inspiration in mind. The path that led to its creation began from the observation of a selection of natural stones available in finishes suitable for meeting the design needs. A stone finish tile should also be capable of faithfully reinterpreting the depth of the natural material, and we have achieved it by combining the best technical application benefits. Every one of this series recalls an earthy essence, with its elegance of stone and the strength of porcelain. The colors of these tiles reflect infinite shades of natural stones that give them a unique and bold character.

Earth樂魚官網app - 首頁

Shades of Earth. On your floor.樂魚官網app - 首頁

Earth is a contemporary selection of tiles made in Italy, that feature earthy tones and minimalist designs - perfect for adding style to your room. For everything your surface demands, we have an idea.

Inspiration Story樂魚官網app - 首頁

Drawing its main inspiration from natural elements, Earth has a wide range of colours with a greater focus on Mother Nature and the ability to create a sense of natural serenity. This appearance of the surface is destined to survive the tests of time and become a memory.

Aeon樂魚官網app - 首頁

Marble effect porcelain tiles樂魚官網app - 首頁

Marble is a classic stone which adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. The Aeon range of marble-finish tiles is designed to instantly give a timeless charm to your spaces. Plus they’re the finest from Italy. For everything your surface demands, we have an idea.

Inspiration Story樂魚官網app - 首頁

Aeon is the right choice for adding detail and contrast into a scheme as well as a sleek, on-trend surface. Inspired by the surreal Italian architecture, we bring some of the finest marble finish tiles for time-honouring spaces.
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