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          樂魚官網app - 首頁

          kitchen we love樂魚官網app - 首頁

          View all kitchen Ideas
          VIEW ALL kitchen TILES

          See our range of tile designs for kitchens with the highest technical specifications.

          are you an architect?

          Meet the most demanding of requirements. Get tile solutions with superior technical characteristics.

          Buy Designer Kitchen Tiles at NITCO樂魚官網app - 首頁

          The kitchen is where memories are made and seasoned with love. When you revamp your house, we seldom think of the kitchen space. Maybe because it isn't used much by us or that we hardly spend any time in this space. However, it's essential to realize that this is where our meals are made with love. A great looking kitchen is sure to encourage you to spend more time and cook the best dishes for your loved ones. How can we forget that food binds us more than anything else?

          At NITCO, we understand the customer's needs and offer a range of kitchen tiles to suit your expectations. These modern kitchen tiles will give a total makeover to your otherwise dull and drab kitchen space and make it look fresh and drop-dead gorgeous. Choose from a variety of designer tiles for kitchen from NITCO.

          How To Select The Right Kitchen Tiles 樂魚官網app - 首頁

          While selecting the right kitchen tile, it is detrimental to understand whether you are looking at kitchen wall tiles or kitchen floor tiles. Keep in mind that the kitchen flooring has to be safe, non-slippery, and, if possible, stainproof. So, first things first ...

          • Determine where your tiles will go :樂魚官網app - 首頁

            Whether they are for the floor or wall, beautiful kitchen tiles can always be picked for both. Tiles are also often used to add a pop of colour and character to the kitchen, so pick your spot and select your beautiful designer kitchen tiles accordingly.
          • Stick to your budget :樂魚官網app - 首頁

            It might sound complicated, but NITCO kitchen tiles collection is affordable and is sure to fit your budget. We offer a range of options to our customers, and they can pick the tiles that best suit their budget. If you want to go fancy, you can even opt for a marble kitchen floor.
          • Understand your family's lifestyle :樂魚官網app - 首頁

            It is essential to understand your family's food habits and take a call for your kitchen platform tiles. Usually, for countertops, a simple kitchen tiles design or ceramic tiles are durable and also resilient. However, it is vital to understand the usage of the space before making a decision.
          • Consider the different 'tiles' :樂魚官網app - 首頁

            When we say tiles, there are several options available. You could pick from cork, quarry, marble, ceramic, mosaic, or porcelain for kitchen wall design. So, choose the material, finish and texture before you add it to the cart.

          Different Types of Kitchen Tiles樂魚官網app - 首頁

          While picking tiles for the kitchen, there are several choices that you have. They come in a wide variety of materials, sizes and colours. The versatility often leaves you confused, but we are here to help. Here are a few commonly used options in kitchen spaces due to their durability, stain, and scratch resistance.

          • Ceramic Tiles樂魚官網app - 首頁

            Kitchen ceramic tiles are often the preferred choice owing to their affordability and durability. With a mix of clay, mineral and water, you can either go for glazed ceramic tiles or unglazed ceramic tiles. The glazed tiles have a coating that makes them scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and quite sturdy.

          • Porcelain Tiles樂魚官網app - 首頁

            A type of ceramic tile, porcelain tiles are less porous. They are water-resistant, stain-resistant and easy to clean so if you have kids or pets at home, this one is perfect. If this tile ticks all your boxes of kitchen floor ideas, then go for it.

          • Mosaic Tiles樂魚官網app - 首頁

            If you would love to add some colour and character to your kitchen space, mosaic kitchen tiles are perfect for you. NITCO's mosaic collection features some unique colours, sizes, textures that are sure to entice you.

          Our Kitchen Design Ideas 樂魚官網app - 首頁

          Make cooking enjoyable with NITCO's kitchen design ideas. From kitchen tile ideas to the latest kitchen wall tiles for your home, we got you covered with the best. Our experts check the size of your kitchen, the location of the kitchen, understand your usage and lifestyle, based on which they suggest which textured kitchen wall tiles/ kitchen slab tiles would be the best for you.

          Benefits of Having Tiles in Your Kitchen 樂魚官網app - 首頁

          Tiles are one of the most common materials used in kitchen floorings and wall because they are durable, affordable, water and stain-resistant and can withstand heavy footfall. Moreover, NITCO also provides tiles that are bacteria resistant. With spaces like the kitchen, it is best to use tiles as you want something that lasts long.

          Shop from Wide Range of Kitchen Tiles At NITCO 樂魚官網app - 首頁

          NITCO's wide range of kitchen tiles makes us the ideal choice for all your tiles-related woes. Our modern kitchen wall tiles and floor tiles offer you a selection like no other. Shop from our exhaustive collection of tiles.

          Frequently Asked Questions on Kitchen Tiles 樂魚官網app - 首頁

          • Which tiles are best for kitchens?樂魚官網app - 首頁

            Depending on the usage of your kitchen and whether you have children/pets in the house, you can pick from a range of kitchen tiles available at NITCO. From vitrified tiles for the kitchen to a fancy marble countertop, we can cater to all your needs regarding kitchen tiles.

          • What are the most trending kitchen tiles at NITCO?樂魚官網app - 首頁

            Vitrified ceramic tiles or mosaic tiles are the most trending options that are bestsellers at NITCO. Both these options are easy to clean and maintain. Functionality and looks combined, these are the best materials to go for.

          • Which colour tiles are best in the kitchen?樂魚官網app - 首頁

            Neutrals, greys or even black and white kitchen tiles are the most common options. Pick colours that showcase your personality and which make you happy.

          • What types of tiles are best for kitchen flooring?樂魚官網app - 首頁

            It is best to pick stain and bacteria-resistant tiles for kitchen flooring because of the spillage on the kitchen floor. Go for flooring that goes well with the rest of your house and is easy to clean.

          • What types of tiles are best for kitchen walls?樂魚官網app - 首頁

            Your kitchen walls can give your space a character of its own. Be it a fancy mosaic collage or a ceramic tiles' splashback, go for a whacky idea for your kitchen walls.

          Different Types of Kitchen Tiles at NITCO 樂魚官網app - 首頁

          Ceramic Floor Tiles | Ceramic Wall Tiles | Glazed Vitrified Tiles | Vitrified SST | Vitrified DCH

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