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Buy Onyx Marble at NITCO 樂魚官網app - 首頁

If you are looking at revamping your home space and are a fan of marble, NITCO has a range of Marble Collections that you must check out. Onyx marble is the finest quality marble used in the living room, bedroom, or bathroom interiors and can lend glamour to any space. NITCO's Onyx Marble Collection has a wide variety of options spanning diverse colours and features that you can choose from as per your requirement.

How To Select The Right Onyx Marble For Home 樂魚官網app - 首頁

Selecting the marble best suited for your space can be a task. However, NITCO's experts can make this process easy as they assist you throughout the buying process, including choosing the texture and shade of the onyx marble stone, as that can make a massive difference to any space.

  • Pick the right colour樂魚官網app - 首頁

    When it comes to Onyx marble, there are plenty of colours available. The thumb rule here is to pick a colour that will go well with the rest of your furniture, room accessories, and fittings.

  • Understand the benefits of using Onyx Marble樂魚官網app - 首頁

    It is best to read about the features and benefits of the marble before shopping, as that will help you decide what you need for your space. Onyx Marble comes in a variety of colours and patterns that lend each slab a unique look. This natural stone is also highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, making it a worthy investment.

  • Choose your room樂魚官網app - 首頁

    It is easier to pick the Onyx Marble slab if you understand the space you are looking to revamp. So, select the room, visualize the furniture and other decor elements and then pick your shade of Onyx Marble accordingly.

Different Colours of Onyx Marble 樂魚官網app - 首頁

The number of options available at NITCO will leave you falling in love with them all. When it comes to NITCO's Marble, you can take your pick from the different collections available.Onyx marble is available in a variety of colours. Select your shade from the wide range offered at NITCO:

  • Blue Onyx Marble :樂魚官網app - 首頁

    A natural stone with a royal appearance, blue onyx marble is one of the bestsellers. Due to its appealing tone and texture, this marble can be used both in a home and office space.
  • Green Onyx Marble :樂魚官網app - 首頁

    Green Onyx Marble has an alluring style, perfect for those who love a natural stone with veins unique to each slab.
  • White Onyx Marble :樂魚官網app - 首頁

    You can never go wrong with a classic white. This soothing slab also features stately gold veins, befitting both a home and office space.
  • Black Onyx Marble :樂魚官網app - 首頁

    Used for kitchen tops or wall cladding, Black Onyx Marble looks sophisticated and elegant. The gold veins contrasted with the dark tone make this an attractive natural stone.
  • Orange Onyx Marble :樂魚官網app - 首頁

    The Mango, Armione and Orange Onyx Marble fall under this category. While they all have a similar base colour, one can differentiate between them as per their texture and design.
  • Brown Onyx Marble :樂魚官網app - 首頁

    The colour brown has the capability to bring in a touch of nature to your space. If you are a fan of this hue, then opt for the Golden Brown or Machiato Onyx Marble.
  • Red Onyx Marble :樂魚官網app - 首頁

    Add some glamour to your decor with a red onyx marble. The Rainbow, Rosso Drago, Rosso Travo can easily uplift the way your space currently looks without making it too gaudy.
  • Pink Onyx Marble :樂魚官網app - 首頁

    If you want to add novelty and subtlety to your space, opt for a Pink Onyx Marble. The options available are Cloudy Pink and Tiger Pink. Explore these shades and we bet you will fall in love with them.

Our Onyx Marble Collection 樂魚官網app - 首頁

NITCO has a team of experts that can come in and help you select the best option for your space. We also have an array of design ideas that will help you further.

Benefits of having Onyx Marble樂魚官網app - 首頁

Onyx marble is a natural stone that can instantly elevate the look of any room. If you are a fan of marble and want to add an opulent touch to your space, Onyx Marble is a must-buy. Moreover, Onyx has many healing properties that are beneficial for your health.

Shop from a wide range of Onyx Marble collections at NITCO 樂魚官網app - 首頁

NITCO's wide range of marble collections makes us the ideal choice for all your marble flooring and wall cladding needs. Shop from our extensive collection of tiles and marble.

Frequently Asked Questions on Onyx Marble樂魚官網app - 首頁

  • What is Onyx Marble?樂魚官網app - 首頁

    Onyx Marble consists of concentric zones of calcite or aragonite deposited from cold water solutions in caves or crevices and around the exits of natural springs. This exotic stone creates a lasting impression due to the number of shades available.

  • Is Onyx Marble expensive?樂魚官網app - 首頁

    Onyx marble is one of the most expensive stones in the market. However, its beauty, rarity, and exclusivity are what attracts consumers to this precious stone.

  • What is Onyx Marble used for?樂魚官網app - 首頁

    Onyx marble is used for flooring as well as countertops. It is a decorative stone that enhances the look of any space.

  • What are the healing properties of Onyx?樂魚官網app - 首頁

    Green Onyx has physical healing properties. It is associated with the heart chakra and the planet Mercury. It helps your public speaking ability, creativity and encourages you to express your feelings better. Other than physical healing, onyx marble is also believed to bring good luck.

  • What is the trending Onyx Marble available at NITCO?樂魚官網app - 首頁

    White Onyx and Green Onyx Marble are the most trending types of Onyx Marble.

Different Types of Kitchen Tiles at NITCO 樂魚官網app - 首頁

White Onyx Marble | Pink Onyx Marble | Blue Onyx Marble | Brown Onyx marble | Honey Onyx Marble | Tiger Onyx Marble
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